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Xiegu DE-19 USB Expansion Adapter


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Xiegu DE-19 is an external USB expansion adapter designed to be used with Xiegu’s G90, G106 and X5105 transceivers.

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  • EUR: 79.00 €
  • SEK: 900 kr.

In stock (can be backordered)

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Xiegu DE-19 integrates a USB interface unit, isolation and amplification unit, and interface units matching G90, G106, X5105 transceivers and the XPA125B 100W power amplifier. It connects to a PC via USB and supports the transfer on audio for digital modes like FT8 as well as PTT to the transceiver (and external amplifier if connected).

When DE-19 is connected to a XPA125B power amplifier (optional L4001 cable needed) it also passes PTT, ALC and band data to the amplifier for full automatic operation including automatic band change.

Xiegu DE-19 simplifies the connections for digital modes operation and/or use of an amplifier with the G90, G106 and X5105 transceiver.

Xiegu DE-19 Interface

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Dimensions 15.7 × 12.3 × 4.4 cm