X6100 Preorders Shipping + New Xiegu Products

Xiegu X6100 Preorders Shipping Update

After completion of CE certification and overcoming Covid delays in China, we have finally received delivery of the new and exiting X6100 transceiver.

This week have shipped around half of all preorders, early preorder customers should start seeing their units delivered in the coming week. A second shipment of X6100 is in transit to us and should arrive next week. All preorders should be fullfilled in the beginning of February.

Good news is that we will have a limited number of units available for new orders in this shipment. If you are considering the new X6100 you should place your order asap to secure your unit here.

More News from Xiegu

The good people at Xiegu have been busy with product development during the pandemic. In addition to the fantastic X6100, Xiegu also developed the GNR1 Digital NR & Filter and the GY03 quality audio speaker. New firmware updates are also available, extending the functionality and improving their excellent devices.

NEW: Xiegu GNR1 Brings New Life to Your Favorite Analogue radio

If you are like me you might have an older analogue transceiver collecting dust in the closet. With the new GNR1 DSP unit you can now enjoy your classic radio but with modern noise reduction and filtering features. The GNR1 simply connects between the speaker output and an external passive speaker. Read more about the GNR1 and order here.

NEW: Xiegu GY03 Passive Speaker Makes Your QRP Rig Sound Big

The new GNY03 speaker from Xiegu is a perfect match for any QRP transceiver to produce better audio quality when not using headphones. The GY03 is available from stock here.

FW UPDATES: X6100 & G90 FW Updates Available Now!

Xiegu continues the support of the G90 transceiver and keeps extending the functionality of the new X6100. The lates FW updates are now available in our Download section.

NOTE: Xiegu.eu is operated by Pileup Communications. We are a Swedish business owned and operated by active ham radio enthusiasts. If you are in an EU country, you don’t have to worry about import taxes and fees when shopping with us. In addition you are protected by European consumer legislation which is more extensive than factory warranty. We point this out as we get many requests from customer who bough their Xiegu equipment from online dealers outside the European Union and don’t receive support and are not protected by EU’s consumer legislation.