X6100 Video Peek Preview

Xiegu recently released news about their next latest project, the X6100 HF/50MHz Portable SDR Transceiver. He is the first peek preview video from Xiegu.

Xiegu X6100 is an ultra-portable SDR transceiver (Software Defined Radio). High performance and rich functionality is provided by a direct down-conversion and sampling architecture. With its compact size and smart form factor X6100 brings you a brand-new experience of amateur radio.

We expect to receive the first test unit soon, then first batch deliveries should arrive in November.

Xiegu X6100 Key Features

    • HF/50MHz all mode including data
    • 10 W transmit power with external power source, 5 W with internal battery
    • 4″ high-resolution color screen, 800*480 pixels resolution
    • Built-in large capacity lithium battery pack, 12V, 3,5 Ah
    • Built-in efficient automatic antenna tuner
    • Standing wave scanner
    • Voice memory keyer
    • CW memory keyer
    • Bluetooth and WiFi supports wireless audio, keyboard & mouse
    • Onboard USB serial adapter with sound card
    • Second USB host port to support mouse, keyboard and storage device
    • High stability TCXO internal clock source

Visit the new X6100 product page for more information, photos and to pre-order your X6100 now!