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How to Adjust Your Xiegu G90 for Quiet and Sensitive CW Reception

If you’re a CW operator and own a Xiegu G90 transceiver, you may have noticed that it can be a bit noisy at times. The G90 receiver is very sensitive and with its default AGC setting it can amplify background noise. However, with some simple adjustments to the AGC and RF gain settings, you can make your G90 much quieter while maintaining excellent sensitivity. In this blog post, we’ll outline the steps to adjust these settings and provide a helpful video tutorial by LB3SA with more tips to optimise CW reception.

Step 1: Turn off AGC

To begin, turn off the AGC by pressing button until the display shows “AGC–“. This will disable the automatic gain control function and allow you to manually adjust the gain.

Step 2: Adjust RF Gain

Next, adjust the RF gain to a level that is appropriate for your operating conditions. This can be done by turning the RF gain knob located on the front panel of the transceiver. Start with a low setting and gradually increase it until the desired sensitivity is achieved without excess noise.

Step 3: Chose Fast or Slow AGC Action

The final step is to set the AGC responce time. Press the AGC button repeatedly until the display shows “AGC-S” or “AGC-F” appropriate for your operating conditions. Selecting a fast AGC (“AGC-F”) can help prevent clipping of strong signals, while slow AGC (“AGC-S”) can reduce noise on weak signals.

For a more detailed guide on adjusting the AGC and RF gain settings, check out the helpful video tutorial by LB3SA on YouTube (https://youtu.be/qVMYHoJCayg).

By making these adjustments to your Xiegu G90 transceiver, you’ll be able to reduce background noise and improve the clarity of the signals you’re receiving. Whether you’re a seasoned CW operator or just getting started, these settings will help you get the most out of your G90. For SSB operation the above described methods apply as well, but with the difference that a slow AGC setting is preferable most of the time.

For more information on the Xiegu G90 transceiver, check out the G90 product page.  (https://xiegu.eu/product/xiegu-g90-hf-transceiver/).

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