New Firmware Improves G90 and X5105

Xiegu has recently released new firmware upgrade for both its G90 and X5105 transceivers.

G90 has recently got many updates to the spectrum and waterfall display, new functions have been implemented and several functions have been optimised like the filter adjustments. Filter width and passband center adjustments are now available directly by pressing the user knob and scroll between functions (see video). With the addition of an RF Gain adjustment in combination with improved AGC the G90 receiver is now top notch. Download version 1.71 of the G90 firmware and find out for yourself.

X5105 got a big facelift making the displayed information more clear, but also many improvements to functionality and the menu system where made. Several of the system menu settings like RF Gain, SSB microphone gain and,  where moved to the user menu for more convenient adjustments. Among other things an equaliser was added to allow for personalisation of received audio. Improvements were aslo made to CW transmission. X5105 firmware upgrade version 3.00 is available for download.

All Xiegu firmware are available in our download section.