Frequency Extension (with Return Shipping)

Frequency extension to allow for TX outside of amateur radio bands. This mod automatically adds return shipping, use only when sending a device to us to be modified.

53.95 $

  • EUR: 49.90 €
  • SEK: 569 kr.

Pileup will perform the modification allowing for transmit outside amateur radio bands. Chose this mod when returning a device to us to have the mod performed (when purchasing a new radio with the mod, chose the “Frequency Extension without shipping). Please include original proof of purchase (we only do mods on devices sold by us).

This modification is currently available for transceivers where the Frequency Extension Mod is listed in the “Recommended Accessories” section on the product page.

NOTE 1: Please note that amateur radio transceivers specifications are guaranteed within amateur radio bands. Use your transceiver in accordance to your licence  and always follow local regulations. You are responsible for any use of your transceiver.

NOTE2: Please note that manufacture warranty in most cases is void when the device is being modified!