40W Folding Solar Panel


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40W folding solar panel perfect for the QRP-UPS Solar Power Supply.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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This small 40W foldable solar panel has carrying handle and a lockable pocket with a connector the power cable. Two USB ports (type A, C) lets you charge mobile devices. The panel comes complete with a 1.5 meter DC cable that connects directly to the QRP-UPS Solar Power Supply (sold separately). When folded this solar panel is truly portable, and will fit into a backpack.

Folding Solar Panel Specifications

Maximum output voltage:
DC 21V
Output voltage for MPPT:
DC 18V
Maximum current for MPPT:
Maximum power:
Dimensions (when folded): 36 x 34 x 3 cm
Dimensions (when unfolded):
73 x 34 x 0,5 cm
1 500 g


Package Contents

  1. 40W folding photovoltaic panel
  2. DC/DC cable, 150 cm
  3. User manual
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