Vibroplex® is the name in Amateur Radio, now in its 117th year. Founded in New York in 1905 by Horace Martin, the inventor of the semi-automatic or “bug” morse code key, Vibroplex® presently manufactures morse code keys under the Vibroplex® and Bencher® brands.

VIBROPLEX – The standard for iambic keyer paddles. Vibroplex created the first key on the market for use with electronic keyers in 1960 with the single lever VIBROKEYER paddle and followed up with the STANDARD series of iambic keys in the 1970’s. There are now more than 100,000 Vibroplex iambic paddles in use worldwide for Amateur Radio!

The Bencher BY-1 and BY-2 are the world’s most popular iambic paddle, with more than 100,000 sold since their introduction in 1974.

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