Xiegu X6100 Firmware Update v1.1.5 (2022-04-18)

Xiegu X6100 Firmware Update v1.1.5 (2022-04-18)

April 18, 2022 update;

App: V1.1.5 Apr 10 2022,13:12:01
1. Fix bug: the last character in the string of “AGC mode” is half cut off in MEMO mode
2. Fix bug: not working CW decoder
3. Fix bug: incorrect UTC offset/Time zone
4. Change the range of built-in/handle MIC’s gain:
Old version: range 0~36, default 10; actual gain 0~+18dB, step 0.5dB
This version: range 0~50, default 20; actual gain -10~+15dB, step 0.5dB

Base: V1.1.5 Apr 9 2022,17:14:40
1. Fix bug: battery can’t be fully charged
2. Fix bug: won’t charge at power off state (occasionally)
3. Fix bug: have to switch band or press PTT once at the first time of power up,
or there’s no output RF power
4. Lower the built-in/handle MIC’s gain

Always read the enclosed update log!

Instructions for FW update: Download “Xiegu X6100 Firmware Update Tutorial” and “SD Card Creation Too”l needed for updating of FW separately, see below (if you already did the 4 full charge and full discharge cycles you can ignore the below instruction).

ATTENTION: If you have firmware older than the previous January 17 update, please see the below information regarding the battery management update;

1. The built-in battery gauge is enabled to manage the battery cell. After the upgrade, the battery voltage will no longer be used as the management data, but the battery capacity measured by the battery gauge will be used as the management data. The relevant precautions are as follows:

1.1 After updating the firmware, please perform 4 full charge and full discharge cycles in a row, after which the fuel gauge will measure accurately. Just after updating the firmware, before the 4 times of charge and discharge are completed, the displayed power error is large, so don’t pay attention to it. The charging process should be kept as continuous as possible until the charging instruction is completed, which is conducive to the accurate capacity determination of the fuel gauge.

1.2 The updated charging indicator status is as follows:
Blinking: Indicates charging
Steady on: Indicates that charging is complete
Off: When the charging option is turned off in the menu, the indicator light will not be on.

1.3 After the update, when the power is lower than 10%, the battery symbol shows red and the interior is empty, and the device will automatically shut down.

1.4 The battery voltage is no longer used as the basis for the judgment of low battery.