G90 Firmware v1.73

G90 Firmware v1.73

This file has the latest firmware update for Xiegu G90 including instructions to perform the update.

IMPORTANT: There are two files to update, the file labeled “G90_MainUnit_FW_V…” should be uploaded to the main unit using the COM connector on the back side of the G90. The other file labeled “G90_DispUnit_FW_V…” should be uploaded to the display unit with the serial cable connected to the lower 3.5 mm jack on the left side of the front panel.

After successful update, cycle power by turning the radio off, then remove 12 volt for five or more  seconds before turning it on again.

Whats new in 1.7.3 (this version;)

  1. Rotate encoder driver is optimised, more smoother and less losing of step
  2. Total RF GAIN=1/4 RF GAIN setting when AGC is off, prevent sudden volume increase
  3. Rx volume step is optimised
  4. Lower the MIC GAIN,prevent picking up too much background noise

Whats new in 1.7.2 (experimental version)

  1. CW timing is optimised, solved the issue of randomly losing DOT/DASH.
  2. T/R switch timing is optimised, faster switching time (t<=53ms).
  3. Add ALC meter, display below the TX power meter when TXing. It is mainly for digital mode, to get the good linearity. adjust driving level or Line IN volume to make the ALC meter value within 30~90. Max level of Line IN should not be more than 600mVp-p, or it will overload the input amplifier.
  4. PO meter is optimised, more accurate.
  5. Rotate encoder driver is optimised, less losing of steps.
  6. ACC LINE OUT is optimised, main volume will not effect its output level anymore.
  7. ACC Band Voltage switching output is optimised, solved the issue of wrong voltage for 12m band.
  8. TS max digit change from 10k to 100k when pushing the main knob.
  9. RIT function added: Press and hold main knob to activate.