G90 Firmware v1.71

G90 Firmware v1.71

This file has the latest firmware update for Xiegu G90 including instructions to perform the update.

IMPORTANT: There are two files to update, the file labeled “G90_MainUnit_FW_V…” should be uploaded to the main unit using the COM connector on the back side of the G90. The other file labeled “G90_DispUnit_FW_V…” should be uploaded to the display unit with the serial cable connected to the lower 3.5 mm jack on the left side of the front panel.

After successful update, cycle power by turning the radio off, then remove 12 volt for five or more  seconds before turning it on again.

Whats new in this version;

  • RF GAIN control added; Long press “AGC” key to access RF Gain. Rotate main knob to change its value. Note: “RF GAIN” won’t affect the S-Meter and FFT Scale.
  • DSP filter Center and Bandwidth adjustments added. Short press USER Knob (bottom-left) once to select Center, adjust filter center frequency with USER knob. Press USER knob again to select Bandwidth, adjust bandwidth with USER knob.
  • Adjustable FFT averaging; Press FUNC > LOCK > LOCK, adjust averaging level with VFO.
  • TS behaviour changed; When pressing VFO knob marker advance one step to the right (used to step left).
  • Band stack mode selection; Long press “FUNC” key to enter system menu, advance to item “8.Band Stack Mode:” Select HAM Band or Full Band.
  • Main ref-clock fine tuning; Long press “FUNC” key to enter system menu, advance to item “7.RCLK Tune:” using the NEXT key. Adjust value with VFO.
  • Power ON/OFF beeping; Long press “FUNC” key to enter system menu, advance to item “9.ON/OFF Beep:”.
  • Reset to factory settings; Press and hold “FUNC” key and turning the rig on to get access. Press “PRE” key to confirm;press “VM” key to cancel.
  • Optimised ALC to reduce distortion.
  • Optimised NB.
  • Optimised high SWR algorithm.
  • Optimised RF output power detect algorithm.
  • AM TX carrier reduced to 1/4 of power setting.
  • More fixes, see release notes in update archive.