G90 Firmware 1.79b02 (2022-10-14)

G90 Firmware 1.79b02 (2022-10-14)

Xiegu G90 Firmware 2022-10-14 v1.79b02

Important Note: The display part/host must be updated to V1.79 simultaneously and the V1.79 cannot be mixed with other versions.


  • 1. G90_DispUnit_FW_V1.79b02
  • 2. G90_MainUnit_FW_V1.79b02


  1. Improved the AGC algorithm.
  2. Improved the Filter’s algorithms.
  3. New data mode: U-D; L-D, for USB DIG; LSB DIG. In data mode: ACC port LINE IN is connected to the modulator (hand mic is muted); LINE OUT is enable.
  4. The band-pass filter is changed to enable two BPFs combination per mode.
  5. Adjusted the bandpass filter operation logic.
  6. Adjusted the operation logic of the secondary menu. Press the FUNC key in the secondary menu without saving and exit.
  7. FFT SCALE option is fixed to AUTO.
  8. Optimized the FFT automatic level algorithm, the visual effect is smoother.

See attached PDF file for complete information.