G90 Firmware 1.78b (2022-01-19)

G90 Firmware 1.78b (2022-01-19)

Xiegu G90 Firmware 2022-01-19 v1.78b base unit upgrade (head v1.77b).

File: G90_MainUnit_FW_V1.78b01
SHA-256: CDAB25C6EEAA9FFF9C9D5C39A2A965F163888DD7913C40FCE75CC913545E4C9A

1. Fine tuning of AGC algorithm to improve audio quality
2. Fix some issues of ALC algorithm
2.1 Tx power more accurate
2.2 Fix the issue that ATU inaccurate or fail to tune due to the instability of ALC algorithm
3. AM tx power equ to set power
4. Display ALC level range 0-100,tips:
4.1 ALC level equ to 0: over driving, decrease input signal level
4.2 ALC level equ to 100: under driving, increase input signal level
4.3 When doing Digi,the audio baseband signals are almost constant amplitude,
adjust the soundcard volume to make ALC level between 20-80 to get good linearity
5. Fix a built-in keyer bug(has chances losing dot/dash when performing squeeze operation)

File: G90_DispUnit_FW_V1.78b01
SHA-256: 79B20BD5F6E4705C4EEDB735A16777C1FF5F4D25B1BED088A8FBBAC052D1DC8E

1. Add CI-V command for ATU operation