G90 Firmware 1.78

G90 Firmware 1.78

Xiegu G90 Firmware 2021-12-31 v1.78 base unit upgrade (head v1.77b).

Be sure to upgrade the MainUnit and DispUnit firmware at the same time!

Release Notes:

  1. Added the receiving audio Modification filter to improve the sound quality and suppress high-frequency noise components.
  2. Improved the AGC algorithm to eliminate the spike noise caused by it.
  3. Improve the granularity of volume adjustment, the volume value of 0-26 is stepped to 1dB, and the volume value of 27-36 is stepped to 2dB.

The updated version number is as follows (located in the tenth item of the system menu):

BASE: 1.78
Dec 31 2021,11:59:24

APP: 1.77
Mar 21 2021,15:31:07