Xiegu G90 + GSOC Bundle

Xiegu G90 plus the GSOC Controller, Panadapter and Data Terminal is the perfect combination to create a capable home station with a fantastic user interface.

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Xiegu G90 HF 20W SDR Transceiver

Xiegu G90 is a portable 20W HF amateur radio transceiver with an SDR architecture and built-in automatic antenna tuner. The display unit can be separated from the radio unit for flexible installation options. The baseband I/Q output allows the G90 to interface with external devices like a PC or the Xiegu optional panadapter.

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Xiegu GSOC Controller, Panadapter & Terminal

Xiegu GSOC is an advanced controller with panadapter for the G90 and X5105 transceivers. It has a large high resolution touch screen and will extend the features and functionality of your G90 and X5105 transceiver.

UPDATE: First batch of GSOC will be available for delivery in December. Expect limited supply, pre-order today!

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Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 10 cm